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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we sure can! When you sign up online, or meet with our Pills in a Pouch nurse, be sure to tell us of your current vitamins, supplements, as well your other over-the-counter medications.
We accept, cash, check, debit cards, as well as credit cards. If you are paying with cash, you have to pay your co-pay upon delivery.
Upon signing up, our staff will make sure your insurance is compatible before we transfer any of your information.
Absolutely not, your Pills in a Pouch will be home delivered at no charge. All you pay is your co-pay set up with your insurance provider.
Unfortunately, as of right now, we can only ship to Louisiana, Texas and Mississippi.
Pills in a Pouch is a full-service pharmacy, so your doctor can send prescriptions to Pills in a Pouch at any time.
We sure can. It will be delivered to you once a month, or as needed.
These medications are known as "as needed" medications. We will deliver the "as needed" medications to you in prescribed pill bottle. If you find yourself taking these "as-needed" medications on a daily basis, contact Pills in a Pouch and we will help synchronize these medications into your pouches, or help find you a different medication.
If it is close to the time you are supposed to take the pouch, be sure to take your medications as soon as possible. If it is time for your next pouch discard the pouch you missed and take the one designated for that time. If you are uncertain about it, don’t hesitate to call Pills in a Pouch staff.

Pills in a Pouch pharmacy synchronizes all of your maintenance medications, to make things easier on you. When we have all of your medications synchronized, Pills in a Pouch will sort and organize your medications to your medication regimen. In your personalized box, will be your roll of custom pouches containing all of your medication. Each pouch is labeled with easy to read descriptions about your medications. The front of each pouch show the following:

  • Your name,
  • Your physician/prescriber
  • Name and dose of each drug
  • When to take your pouch!

The back of the pouches will show when to take your pouch. It will be a large letter for the following:

  • M - for morning.
  • N - for noon.
  • E - for evening.
  • BT - for bedtime.

We will home deliver your personalized box of medications once a month. No more going to the pharmacy, or carrying around a bag of prescription bottles everywhere you go. We take care of your medications for you. When you have one refill remaining our staff will contact your physician, to see if you need to be seen or not.

Pills in a Pouch is a free medication adherence program, designed to help give you a peace of mind when it comes to your medication regimen. We offer many free benefits:

  • Synchronization of medication
  • Personalized packaging of maintenance medications
  • Home delivery
  • As well as coordination of your refills.

Pills in a Pouch improves the way pharmacy runs; it increases communication, improves outcomes and decreases all the worry that coincides with medication mayhem. We accomplish this by putting responsibility in your hands to contact us when there is a change, need, concern with your medications, or health. In turn, we will contact you and your physician when information is needed or has to be shared.
Pills in a Pouch works as a trifecta, with your health at the core. In order for you to experience any benefits, it takes three parties taking responsibilities for their role including:

  • Communication is key.
  • Your physician prescribes the needed medications for your disease/condition.
  • Pills in a Pouch reviews, prepares and delivers your medications. It is then up to you to do all you can to take the pouches as instructed.

You must pay your co-pay upon delivery. We accept the following payment methods:

  • Cash.
  • Check.
  • Credit/debit card can be kept on file.

So you can truly experience the full benefits of Pills in a Pouch, it is important that you be enrolled for at least three months. We ask that you notify a Pills in a pouch staff if you have any of the changes:

  • Insurance
  • Phone number
  • Address
  • Medications.

If your delivery changes from the prior month, please notify a Pills in the Pouch staff. For example, if you a prescribed and inhaler and you do not need a refill one month, but want it the next, please contact us, so we will know to send you an inhaler the next month.
Your physician will be contacted by Pills in a Pouch if refills are needed.

What to expect after Enrolling:

  • Our pharmacist will review your medication list and make a call to your physician if there are any discrepancies.
  • The pharmacy techs will then call your current pharmacy and transfer your medications to Causey’s LTC Pharmacy.
  • It may be necessary to bridge your month supply of one or more of your medications for the first month to get them to run out at the same time.
  • Usually within the first three weeks, you will receive your Pills in a Pouch box. In order for you to get your box as soon as possible, we ask that you do not refill any prescriptions with another pharmacy.
Absolutely nothing, we work with your insurance provider as well as your physician to make things go smoothly without interrupting your day.
If it pertains to a refill request, we fax the physician based on your previous prescription. If we are unable to fax your physician, we will then call.
You should never get a pouch with an error. Our 100% guarantee means that you’ll receive the right medications, on time, every time.
We utilize a highly precise, automated dispensing system to sort and fill personalized Pills in a Pouch separately for each customer. The dispensing system contains multiple barcode checks and each medication canister used is calibrated specifically for the drug dispensed from the canister. There is also a pharmacist who checks each step in the process to avoid any potential errors.
If there is by chance your pouches been tampered with contact us immediately.
Contact us so we will coordinate with the insurance company to make sure you will have enough medications.
We are located in Natchitoches, Louisiana
It is not child safe, and should remain out of the reach of children at all time.
We sure can, just tell our Pills in a Pouch staff as your signing up, or during your appointment with our nurse.
We can fill and include schedule III, IV, and V medications in your pouches. We do not fill schedule II prescriptions.
All you pay is the co-pay set up by your insurance provider.
If you have any concerns with price differences, contact us and we will gladly answer your questions.
Generally, it takes up to three weeks. It all varies with your current medications. We want to synchronize all of your current medications before sending your Pills in a Pouch Box.
Our staff will be in contact with you weekly, to check on you, and see how you are with your current medications until your box is delivered.
When you agree to sign up with Pills in a Pouch, our staff will transfer all of your information from your current retail pharmacy. Our staff will also contact your physician, so they will be aware of the changes made.
If you are to get a new prescription, it will be delivered to you in a bottle. Our Pills in a Pouch nurse will then bridge your medication until the following month, when your new Pills in a Pouch Box comes in.
If a dose change does occur, your physician will contact us. Our staff will then contact you and set up an appointment with our Pills in a Pouch nurse. The nurse will take your old prescribed medication out of your pouches, and replace it with the correct medication.
If you are aware of the medication you are no longer taking, discard it when taking your pouches. Contact Pills in a Pouch, if you are unsure about the medication, and will set up an appointment with you and our Pills in a Pouch nurse to correct the pouches.